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 Savage Investigations-the Comic, Issue #1: Goodbyes the first installment of the Savage Investigations comic series can be purchased (Still only $5.00, plus shipping) at our other site.

In May of 2016, Chuck retired from the workaday world due to issues from his heart attack in February of 2012, and further medical adventures (don’t worry, he’s fine, and plans to stay that way–hence the retirement!). The good news is, he can now, in 2018, focus on writing, with several new projects in the works, but has not forgotten about Savage Investigations, The Novel, which eventually will be completed. He thinks of the unfinished novel as that painting with the oilskin covering it, tucked away in the artist’s studio, always there as a reminder, destined to be a masterpiece, waiting to be completed in the fullness of time.

Due to the aforementioned medical adventures, Chuck also had to step down as President of 7000 B.C., the New Mexico organization promoting sequential art for independent artists and writers.

He still continues to support the Albuquerque Art Community by attending local gallery openings, photographing the works on display, and posting them as,”Virtual Art Tours,” on his facebook page, with information about the works, and prices, should viewers wish to add them to their collections, or start a collection.

Dominique is writing a poem each day as a meditation and posting them here (for better or worse!) in a series titled “Love Letters To My Body,” among other projects.

(Admittedly, Chuck’s heart attack put some crimps in my plans to post EVERY day and I have some large gaps now. I am going ahead and believing in my own excuse though. It’s a really good one!)

Also, Dominique has started writing a new nonfiction book titled “Nourishment at Every Size: Joyful Inspiration for Smart Food Choices“–a fun book that helps you enjoy the day in a delicious, nutritious way exactly as you are right now. Check back for more information and excerpts soon.

Dominique and her Mom, artist Barbara Marie Jones, have started an etsy shop! You can visit at AppliedSmARTS.etsy.com! It features Marie’s fabric arts, recycled/upcycled arts, and a lot of items for celebrations throughout the year.

Dominique’s poetry has recently been published in the Harwood Art Center’s 2011 Anthology! She read on Saturday, April 21 for the release party at 3 PM. Check out more:

“The Harwood Art Center’s newest poetry Anthology, “How to: multiple perspectives on creating a garden, a life, relationships and community,” is a celebration of land, relationships, community, and heritage, all told through the metaphor of gardening.”

Harwood Arts Center Site

Harwood Facebook Event


I don’t know the reason
but there were many youthful years
when I could not be consoled,
and now all I need
in order to feel peaceful
is the hint that yeast exists
for the bread of joy to rise
from the core of my heels
to the crust of my hair.

The only gluten I can find
is your daily offering of love
that I have been
so lucky to discover,
kneaded faithfully
throughout the later decades
of this life that would be
unwise, bereft, and unbaked
but for the skillful addition of you.

–Dominique Larntz, 2012

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