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Create Your Own Font with – and Type in Your Own Handwriting!


Did you ever wish you could type in your handwritten signature at the end of a typed letter? YourFonts allows you to create a font out of your own handwriting. It’s a great way to do things like digitally sign documents with your handwriting. It’s a great service that is also very affordable!  You will fill in a two page form, scan your form in, and then you can download and install your handwriting just as you would any other font to use on your computer. Visit their Web site for detailed information and instructions.

Click Here To Go To The YourFonts Website Now

Dan Gerry – Possibility Thinking Keynote Speech Review


Click Here to hear the audio Review of Dan Gerry’s Keynote Speech at Goodwill Indudstries’ Senior Community Service Employment Program on April 21, 2011.

We review local resources in order to help you navigate the world, but this resource will probably be going national and/or international soon. Dan Gerry of Soaring Eagle Institute teaches courses on Possibility Thinking, which explore the neuroscience that causes us to stay in our habitual or fearful mindsets. Possibility thinking provides opportunities to break free into creative possibilities in our businesses and in our lives. We hope you will take advantage of a course in Possibility Thinking, or at least catch a keynote address like Dan did for Goodwill on April 21, 2011. He gave the keynote speech tailored to the population of seniors who are needing to find employment at a time in their lives that has been traditionally challenging.

I was able to attend the full course a few years ago, and I am still using and quoting from the information! I think I even quoted back to a colleague of Dan’s something from his speech without realizing it while we were talking through a problem. It was hilarious!

It’s great to find that person who can convey information & transformation in a way that sticks with you, and we here at Larntz Enterprises award Dan Gerry of Soaring Eagle Institute a score of 5 LE-s, our highest recommendation.

Dan Gerry Website: Soaring Eagle Institute

Denver Comic Fest 2011 – Review of a Springtime Comics Festival


Chuck attended the 2011 Denver Comic Fest as a comic writer and as president of 7000 BC. As in previous years, it was TONS of fun and the Denver folks made him feel so welcome and happy.

Visit Denver Comic Fest Web site to learn more and plan for next year.

We give this comic festival 4 out of 5 LEs.

Albuquerque Comic Expo at the Convention Center In June, 2011


The event of the year as far as comic and sequential art in New Mexico is the Albuquerque Comic Expo (ACE) on June 24, June 25, and June 26 at the Albuquerque Convention Center. On Saturday, ACE announced the secret guest of honor will be… Stan Lee!

This is shaping up to be spectacular!

Chuck and his daughter, Katie, are going to serve as the volunteer coordinators for the convention. We had coffee with Greg Derrick and his one-and-only last night, and they are working so hard to bring a Seattle-caliber quality to our beloved southwest. (If you have never been to Emerald City Comic Con, aka ECCC, check it out sometime.) New Mexicans and visitors from all over should get their travel arrangements made, and show their support by purchasing their convention passes now.

If you get your convention pass before March 31, you get the deepest discount plus a special edition gift! Check out the ACE Web site for more.

Web Host Review:


Save 50% Now on Go Daddy SSL Certificates! Only $1

The Daddy of all web hosts? Yes, in my humble opinion (imho), GoDaddy is great as far as a Web host. We have had sites hosted here for about a decade, and we can attest to the reliability, customer service, and software availability on Godaddy. It’s also as economical as any other Web host out there, depending on your needs.

We have a special right now, where you can have us handle organizing and setting up your Web hosting, e-mail, and any other online services you may need (such as online file sharing, faxing, calendar) for only $199 plus the GoDaddy hosting fees. Contact us at 505-977-8827 if you’d like to get started today, or email us.

That means you can gain the efficiency of our GoDaddy knowledge, as we have worked with their systems for several years. You can get your site set up fast, with any support you need for moving forward. This is a great advantage, since it can take a while to learn about host software, WordPress (if you want to start a blog), and Web design and security at any Web host. We can handle all this for you!

Save 50% Now on Go Daddy SSL Certificates! Only $12.99!

To keep it real, the only down side I have ever experienced is a little bit of need to study how their Web site is organized. Sometimes it is apparent, but sometimes I need to hunt to figure out how to do something. This is better than being limited by services not offered at all.

If I call, their customer service is available 24 hours a day, however. So any difficulties are ameliorated by their strong customer service.

Go Daddy $ special offer for Mexico. 468x6

What are the things I have done on Godaddy? Well, here is a partial list:

  • Worpress sites
  • Web sites and Email (including Web mail) for clients’ domains
  • Securing Web sites with SSL
  • Online Fax Services / Email Faxing
  • Ecommerce & Web Shopping Carts
  • Linux/Unix and Windows Web sites
  • Web applications (.NET and Java)
  • Linking domain names to Google Blogger sites
  • Drupal and Joomla Content Management Systems
  • Video and audio podcasts
  • Online Calendars
  • Getting Dedicated Servers for Clients
  • Storing large file online Hosting Plans from $1.99 per month! Now with Unlimited Bandwidth!

You can depend on GoDaddy, like any good patriarch 🙂

Shirl Sazynski: Writer and Illustrator


If you’re interested in genius, you will love Shirl Sazynski’s work! I met her about a year ago through our professional writer’s group in Albuquerque, and find myself very drawn to not only her writing but her art also. You’ll love her blog on her upcoming comic Mistral as well as the rest of the lovely content on her Web site:

Writer’s Resource: Miriam’s Well of Current Literary Events and Calls for Submissions


Shirl Sazynski recommended this resource for current literary events and for writers looking to submit their work. It looks like it is a great blog to keep an eye toward…

Miriam’s Well

Cheers and may the pen be with you!

SuperMediaStore for Inexpensive CDs, Dvds, and Storage


Today we bought a thousand white sleeves for CDs and DVDs for about $20. If we go into a brick and mortar retail store, we pay $9 for about 25 or 50 sleeves. So, conservatively, we saved about $160 compared to shopping in person.

That’s what initially attracted us to SuperMediaStore. We figured it was too good to be true, but we ordered some anyway about 3 years ago. When we received them, all nicely packaged and ready to use, we were pleasantly surprised at the quality and speed of delivery.

Since then, we’ve ordered our media for much less money online than we’d pay in person. For example, I am using lightscribe CDs to record audio presentations for individual clients now, and we save a great deal of money by buying in bulk from these folks.

One of the goals of the technology coaching blog is to clue you in to technology services and products we have tested and experimented with. Sometimes, our reviews may reveal weaknesses in a technology source, as well as its strengths. However, in this case, we don’t see any problems at all to report from SuperMediaStore.

SuperMediaStore is a gem we believe you would benefit from, too. So, please visit them and if you click from here, they’ll know we sent you.

Happy archiving!

Review of


A client a few months ago was signed up with as their Web site’s host. The client had some Web site problems they asked us to fix. We were inspired by the green, zero carbon footprint of the host to provide a review of their service. Noted below are the challenges we experienced followed by the things we appreciated about the service.

On the whole, we give the hosting service 3 LE-s (on a scale of 1 to 5 LE-s).


MENU FLEXIBILITY: You can install WordPress and create a fairly flexible site. However, with their standard site builder software, you can only have 1 level of submenu. You can work around that by creating new menus. These become invisible “menus” and then you can link to these pages. If you organize your files into a main menu, a sub-menu, and then do something like copy files into the sub-menu, your files will no longer show up in the site builder as files that you can edit. The files for the pages still exist, and, if you search your files through the Cpanel backend of the site, you can find them. However, you can no longer edit them in the site builder.

MODULE EDITS: You can enter information into the modules provided by supergreenhost’s site builder, but you cannot customize/edit the code of the module. This was illustrated by the news module in our project. There was a defect in the two-column page display that caused the news module items in the left column to push the rest of the information in the right column to the bottom of the page. A common HTML display issue. We wanted to make some CSS changes and had to perform a workaround based on the HTML end output, and put our CSS tag at the end of the pages on the site, instead of being able to insert the tag into the news module. This explanation may make sense only to those who have delved into HTML, so to summarize, I can say this caused headaches, messy workarounds, and a fragile fix that could easily be broken again with any change in the code at the client’s site. We prefer a more robust approach to fixing site errors.

WEAK TECHNICAL SUPPORT: The site’s support pages and the telephone support (reportedly) were fairly weak. The e-mail technical support did answer my question fairly quickly, but they appear to outsource their tech support, as I was receiving e-mail from an entirely different company/domain. If you use this host, you will do best if you’re very familiar with Web site hosting and with building Web sites.

Things We Appreciated:

GREEN: Obviously, this company gets major kudos from us for having a zero carbon footprint.

PRICE: About $60 annually if you pay for a year in advance. Otherwise a $20 setup fee applies and you pay about $7 per month. Get the year.

PERFORMANCE: The speed and performance of this host were no issue at all, and they did fine in this important area.

SPACE TO CREATE: You can have pretty much as much database and hard drive space as you need, so we rate them high in this category.


Again, we give the hosting service 3 LE-s (on a scale of 1 to 5 LE-s).

Soaring Eagle Institute Holds Tools for Thriving in a Chaotic World Seminar Tomorrow


The Soaring Eagle Institute in Albuquerque facilitated “Tools For Thriving in a Chaotic World: Working More Effectively with Stakeholders” on Friday, September 24, 2010. Dominique attended and prepared a review on this blog afterward. Past seminars have been fantastic from Soaring Eagle.

Listen to Dominique’s review by clicking here

The recommendation? Our highest–5 LEs.

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