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Poem: Drum Skins


Dominque Larntz * January 23, 2013

Drum Skins

Softness feels like my body
is buttered from the inside out
like I can relax and let the world be chaos
but my self be one single symphonic note
that is harmonious,

that is played from inside my hips,
lipped with an ancient drums skin’s timing.

Softer than that feels like liquid in my eyes
so I can forget speed and its need,
release the casual spasms of systems
beyond their expiration dates–

and remember instead the long slow
downbeat of freedom that glows under my skin.

Poem: Waking Tune


Dominique Larntz * February 10, 2012

Waking Tune

I love to listen to the morning–
the rush of thoughts in my mind
like a tide that builds quick footsteps
and then quiets into silence
in the shower.
Then the coffee grinder
along with the bird that shouldn’t be
here just after Candlemas.
I wouldn’t expect him until Spring.

Poem: More Traveled


Dominique Larntz * January 17, 2012 * “Love Letter to My Body”

More Traveled

The concert of contentment
plays in the chaos
of this day when there is so much
energy and so little focus.
So what if I don’t finish
and I travel a path
on which I help a few folks
and it is hardly noticeable?
And those fellows
do new things for me,
teach me a couple facts,
and I come back
to this same chair,
write a few more notes to you
and you hear some little phrase?

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