YouTube Channel for 7000BC, New Mexico Coalition of Independent Comic Artists and Writers


We created a YouTube Channel for 7000BC, New Mexico’s coalition of independent comic writers and artists. If you like these videos, there are several other artists and writers you may be interested in connecting with at 7000 BC.

To learn more about this organization, you can visit the 7000 BC Web site or visit the 7000 BC Comics YouTube Channel.

We posted the first lesson (three videos) in Making Comics Our Way, a series of lessons in comic creation.

These are only the first in a series of educational, free videos that will be available to the public. Paul Ziomek ( and Chuck Larntz ( produced this video and you can view them below, or visit the 7000bcComics YouTube Channel.

7000 BC Comics is in the process of producing educational videos for comic artists and writers. This set of 3 videos comprises lesson one on creating characters. We at directed and filmed the videos, edited the videos, provided graphic design, created a Youtube Channel, and published the videos on YouTube.

You can also see more of Paul Ziomek’s work at Over The Top Comics.

Earcandy Archive


Earcandy Archive is a site dedicated to music and music lovers. Larntz Enterprises provided file organization/management, graphic design, Web site design, WordPress and WordPress theme integration, host setup, multimedia (audio) integration, and technical support/training.

7000 BC Video 1 – Character Concept Art


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