Newsletter Redesign

We redesigned the HTML Newsletter for SEI. SEI uses the InfusionSoft service for their marketing needs, and their HTML newsletter is an integral part of staying in contact with their community and stakeholders each month. They needed Web expertise to make a more attractive and stable newsletter template so that they can focus on the content of what they have to share rather than coding for the Web.

Web Host Review: GoDaddy.com

The Daddy of all web hosts? Yes, in my humble opinion (imho), GoDaddy is great as far as a Web host. We have had sites hosted here for about a decade, and we can attest to the reliability, customer service, and software availability on Godaddy. It’s also as economical as any other Web host out…

Newsletter Design and Development

We helped a client design and develop an HTML newsletter that they can reuse to keep their clients updated on the latest news from their company. Please view the result by clicking here. We have a special rate for an HTML newsletter project (design and development–you supply the content), of $500 per project. If you…

Hillside Community Church Web Site

Hillside Community Church struggled for many years with a Web site that was unchanging and not designed. Today, they have current information and a site that flows better. We organized the information contained on their site, developed it in Wordpress, and implemented the go-live process.

Earcandy Archive

Earcandy Archive is a site dedicated to music and music lovers. Larntz Enterprises provided file organization/management, graphic design, Web site design, Wordpress and Wordpress theme integration, host setup, multimedia (audio) integration, and technical support/training.

Eternal Haunted Summer EZine

We helped the proprietor of Eternal Haunted Summer ezine both fix their menu and fix several display issues within their current template.