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Create Your Own Font with – and Type in Your Own Handwriting!

Did you ever wish you could type in your handwritten signature at the end of a typed letter? YourFonts allows you to create a font out of your own handwriting. It’s a great way to do things like digitally sign documents with your handwriting. It’s a great service that is also very affordable!  You will…

Web Host Review:

The Daddy of all web hosts? Yes, in my humble opinion (imho), GoDaddy is great as far as a Web host. We have had sites hosted here for about a decade, and we can attest to the reliability, customer service, and software availability on Godaddy. It’s also as economical as any other Web host out…

SuperMediaStore for Inexpensive CDs, Dvds, and Storage

We recommend Super Media Store (online) for your CD, DVD, Blue Ray, and other Media needs.

What is a Technology Coach?

A technology coach helps you take positive action to close the gap between your current level of technology literacy and where you would like to be.

A lot of people can envision themselves using technology to help achieve a goal in their lives, but they are stopped from getting there by one or more barriers. Some people are part of an organization that has adopted a new technology, and they are mired in a chaos that’s not of their own making. People also experience what we call the iceberg moment–when they are asked to do something that seems simple to someone else, but there is an iceberg of knowledge they would need before they can do what they are asked to do.