We offer a breadth of services, focusing on writing of all sorts. Intrinsic to being a writer in our times are technical and business skills, which we also possess and utilize for our clients’ benefit.


Creative Projects:  Comic scripts, fiction, poetry

Articles and Nonfiction

Supporting Others: Ghost writing, technical writing

Press Releases: We write and distribute your press release to major outlets.


Copy Editing

Script Editing

Business Document Editing

Web Site Text Editing for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Web Presence Development: Graphic design, Web site design, Web programming, content management systems (CMS), social media support (blogs, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter), Web site and Web application testing.

Efficient Office Design:  Physical office design consultation, forms customization, record organization, computer hardware and software acquisition and setup, decision support.

Process Optimization: Process definition and diagramming/mapping, data processing (bookkeeping, billing, and other business processes).

Technical Writing: Requirements and design for software systems, user guides, cost-benefit analysis, feasibility analyses, research.

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