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The Daddy of all web hosts? Yes, in my humble opinion (imho), GoDaddy is great as far as a Web host. We have had sites hosted here for about a decade, and we can attest to the reliability, customer service, and software availability on Godaddy. It’s also as economical as any other Web host out there, depending on your needs.

We have a special right now, where you can have us handle organizing and setting up your Web hosting, e-mail, and any other online services you may need (such as online file sharing, faxing, calendar) for only $199 plus the GoDaddy hosting fees. Contact us at 505-977-8827 if you’d like to get started today, or email us.

That means you can gain the efficiency of our GoDaddy knowledge, as we have worked with their systems for several years. You can get your site set up fast, with any support you need for moving forward. This is a great advantage, since it can take a while to learn about host software, WordPress (if you want to start a blog), and Web design and security at any Web host. We can handle all this for you!

Save 50% Now on Go Daddy SSL Certificates! Only $12.99!

To keep it real, the only down side I have ever experienced is a little bit of need to study how their Web site is organized. Sometimes it is apparent, but sometimes I need to hunt to figure out how to do something. This is better than being limited by services not offered at all.

If I call, their customer service is available 24 hours a day, however. So any difficulties are ameliorated by their strong customer service.

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What are the things I have done on Godaddy? Well, here is a partial list:

  • Worpress sites
  • Web sites and Email (including Web mail) for clients’ domains
  • Securing Web sites with SSL
  • Online Fax Services / Email Faxing
  • Ecommerce & Web Shopping Carts
  • Linux/Unix and Windows Web sites
  • Web applications (.NET and Java)
  • Linking domain names to Google Blogger sites
  • Drupal and Joomla Content Management Systems
  • Video and audio podcasts
  • Online Calendars
  • Getting Dedicated Servers for Clients
  • Storing large file online Hosting Plans from $1.99 per month! Now with Unlimited Bandwidth!

You can depend on GoDaddy, like any good patriarch 🙂