Click Here to hear the audio Review of Dan Gerry’s Keynote Speech at Goodwill Indudstries’ Senior Community Service Employment Program on April 21, 2011.

We review local resources in order to help you navigate the world, but this resource will probably be going national and/or international soon. Dan Gerry of Soaring Eagle Institute teaches courses on Possibility Thinking, which explore the neuroscience that causes us to stay in our habitual or fearful mindsets. Possibility thinking provides opportunities to break free into creative possibilities in our businesses and in our lives. We hope you will take advantage of a course in Possibility Thinking, or at least catch a keynote address like Dan did for Goodwill on April 21, 2011. He gave the keynote speech tailored to the population of seniors who are needing to find employment at a time in their lives that has been traditionally challenging.

I was able to attend the full course a few years ago, and I am still using and quoting from the information! I think I even quoted back to a colleague of Dan’s something from his speech without realizing it while we were talking through a problem. It was hilarious!

It’s great to find that person who can convey information & transformation in a way that sticks with you, and we here at Larntz Enterprises award Dan Gerry of Soaring Eagle Institute a score of 5 LE-s, our highest recommendation.

Dan Gerry Website: Soaring Eagle Institute