Written by Chuck Larntz
Illustrated by Nathan Hendricksen

Matt Swanson is saying his goodbyes at his farewell dinner with the members of his crack Special Forces team, led by Chief Master Sergeant Drake Savage. The end of Matt’s enlistment in the Air Force as a bomb disposal tech is only days away. Savage, Matt’s close friend and mentor, is raising a toast to Matt’s new life when the call comes for the team’s services. The Italian Finance Minister’s daughter has been kidnapped and she’s standing at the gate of the American Embassy in Naples, Italy, harnessed with a bomb containing enough C-4 to blow up the embassy and the surrounding area. Matt’s final job on active duty will be to disarm the bomb and save the girl, one last time…

goodbyes Written by Chuck Larntz and Illustrated by Nathan Hendricksen


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Listed below are the links to the Savage Investigations Comic titled “Goodbyes” (Part 1) for String, Published by 7000 BC, for Free Comic Book Day coming up in May, 2011!

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