Today we bought a thousand white sleeves for CDs and DVDs for about $20. If we go into a brick and mortar retail store, we pay $9 for about 25 or 50 sleeves. So, conservatively, we saved about $160 compared to shopping in person.

That’s what initially attracted us to SuperMediaStore. We figured it was too good to be true, but we ordered some anyway about 3 years ago. When we received them, all nicely packaged and ready to use, we were pleasantly surprised at the quality and speed of delivery.

Since then, we’ve ordered our media for much less money online than we’d pay in person. For example, I am using lightscribe CDs to record audio presentations for individual clients now, and we save a great deal of money by buying in bulk from these folks.

One of the goals of the technology coaching blog is to clue you in to technology services and products we have tested and experimented with. Sometimes, our reviews may reveal weaknesses in a technology source, as well as its strengths. However, in this case, we don’t see any problems at all to report from SuperMediaStore.

SuperMediaStore is a gem we believe you would benefit from, too. So, please visit them and if you click from here, they’ll know we sent you.

Happy archiving!