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Poem: Getting Out


September 9, 2013  *  Dominique Larntz


I find myself getting out of the way
for folks a lot now.

I put my fingers on a door knob
and there is a pulse that pushes
like piano wires through my arm
to let me know there’s someone
one the other side.

I turn my wrist to release the tension
and there is a burden like books
falling from a bookshelf as I begin
to know the heaviness of being
the opener.

I pull the door forward shifting myself back
and there is another person precisely
timed to walk through, arms full,
unable to carry their packages
and open the door.

I watch the parallax of their passing
and there is space for it like planets
that have plenty of room to play
amidst the outer stars.

It appears almost nothing is empty
except my need.

Poem: Slips


Dominique Larntz * January 16, 2012 * “Love Letters To My Body”


I am looking
at the bottomless greed
all around me.
It exists in my own heart
even though it has healed.
I have given away many more things
than those I silently slipped
into my youthful pockets.
I don’t even think about wearing pockets
I understand now
the other bottomless thing
is everything.

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