Dominique LarntzĀ * January 18, 2012 * “Love Letters to My Body”

Regression Analysis

There was a physical tension–
squeezed and dry from deep inside my cells,
where my body was precisely pinched.
This morning I awoke–
and I was so grateful to feel open again!
I relaxed further by asking life to
soak me with good feeling
until I had extra happiness overflowing
like a newly submerged sponge.

Last night I missed a wonderful few hours together.
Oh, we snuggled and smiled–but my outpouring
was only as nutritious for our souls as styrofoam.

Today I feel delicious again.
I made us breakfast and joyfully.
It could have been anything for anyone.

I can be with you only when I am with myself.
The difference is in me; not in what I am doing.