A technology coach helps you take positive action to close the gap between your current level of technology literacy and where you would like to be.

A lot of people can envision themselves using technology to help achieve a goal in their lives, but they are stopped from getting there by one or more barriers. Some people are part of an organization that has adopted a new technology, and they are mired in a chaos not of their own making. People also experience what we call the iceberg moment–when they are asked to do something that seems simple to someone else, but there is an iceberg of knowledge they would need before they can do it, and the task at hand is only the tip of the iceberg.

While we are asked to adopt software and hardware tools faster than we can drill out our failed hard drives, there is a still small voice that whispers about wisdom in the use of technology–if you listen. Sometimes, that voice is honored and honored very well by people, teams, and organizations. More often, however, there is chaos around the acceptance of a new, complex and expensive tool or set of tools and techniques we label a “system.”

This type of support exists to help you listen to the voice of wisdom in your relationship with technology. The tech coach’s job skills include compassion, understanding, determination, critical thinking, and also mature technical and business skills. A candidate technology coach would have many years experience in information technology and a broad range of knowledge. She would have an avid interest in human motivation as well–psychology, sociology, and perhaps the arts, anthropology and philosophy. He has formed the physical and psychological connections to understand how to incorporate technology into life. In essence, a technology coach has integrated software, hardware, and computer equipment creatively into their lives. They view it as an art or craft form and can help you do the same.

Tech coaches will not promise that they will make technology easy for you. Nor that you will be able to avoid the chaos and hype surrounding its use. Instead, they will help ground you, provide a sounding board, and give you a safe place to express how you feel about the problems in front of you. Then, they will help you find and choose options for moving forward. Often, once those options are identified and the pressure to perform is alleviated, people find they can relax and have more fun learning a new craft.

Lastly, a technology coach is optimistic about your potential and cares about you.

If you can benefit from coaching, please contact us at Larntz Enterprises any time to discuss your situation.